Woman's Struggle In Iran; A Prison Memoir by Nasrin Parvaz

Challenges in Working Against the Israel Lobby

Girl in IRAN


Hillary Clinton delivers commencement speech at Wellesley College

The Sun: Nasa real-time lapse

May 24, 2017:Created using thousand of individual images taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory , this video gives an incredible close up view of our sun.

Abjeez U.S. Tour Postponed Due To Visa Issues

Trump shoves NATO leaders for photo op, and over spending

Harvard Talk

"I was invited to speak at Harvard University in mid-April on the use of compassion as a mask for the advance of the profoundly anti-western postmodern and neomarxist doctrines. There was a fair bit of controversy surrounding the invitation (which accounted in part for the relatively confrontational tone of the interview/discussion). There were protesters in attendance, one of whom insisted ...

Iran: Women Face Bias in the Workplace

Over the past four decades, Iranian women have become half of the country’s university graduates. But, based on the most recent official statistics available, for the period between March 2016 and March 2017, only 14.9 percent of Iran’s women are in the workforce, compared with 64.1 percent of men. This rate is lower than the average of 20 percent for all women in the Middle East ...