Mahmoud Seraji is a Persian Contemporary Theosophist Poet. He was born on August 23rd 1934 in the small border town of Astara by the Caspian Sea in Iran. He is mostly known under his pen name "M.S. Shahed", the author of "Divane Mazamire Eshgh" or "Love Songs" (a three-volume book: Shathiat, Gerdab and Abshar).

At the age of nine, he fell in love and that is when his Poetry came to life.

It is tough to describe an individual, who has a law degree but never practiced it. Who wrote numerous books but yet to have the desire to publish them. However, it's easy to feel his love, when you read his poetry. In my opinion his book "Love Songs" reminds you of Rumi, .....You can dance to its rhythm and sing to its rhyme, and have an out of body experience while looking into the sky.

Love boils with enthusiasm and gives essence ~
Brings pleasure and entity to it's presence~
(جوشش عشق است که جان میدهد ~ هستی و مستی به جهان میدهد)

As I felt, we are both drops of the same Ocean.

Shahab Haddadamardani