Performs S. Rachmaninov - Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30: Sara Daneshpour

Darius Kadivar introduced her 15 years ago (here). She was a teenager then. But I wasn't a reader back then. I wanted to post an interpretation of this Rachmaninov piano concerto and I was eying Yuja Wang performance (here) then suddenly Sara Daneshpour popped up in YouTube suggestions! It is an outstanding performance. --------- Pianist performs Composer - Composition at the Arthur ...

Leonid Kogan: Bach Partita Nr.2 Sarabande

In memory of Leonid Kogan (1924-1982) Bach: Violin Solo Partita Nr.2, BWV1004, Sarabande ORTF Paris (March 12, 1966)

Per-Olov Kindgren: J.S. Bach: Sarabande in B-minor

"Sarabande" was originally a fast dance from Latin America, often with a sexual undertone. It was banned from several European countries but at the end of the 17th. century it changed and got a more religious and serious sound. No dancing!! :) Hope you like this guitar version. Peace! Per-Olov

Shirin: L'Arlésienne Suite1, Piano version

Georges Bizet L'Arlésienne Suite 1 Performed by SHIRIN

Nariman Hodjati & Amirkasra Zandian: Snowdance

Dance of Winter Composed by Nariman Hodjati In Modus Isfahan Audio Video Recording by Maziyar Vafaei 2018


A Greek Song Performed by SHIRIN

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Deadly Valentine

Seiji Ozawa: Bach: Suite No. 3 Ouverture. Air

巴赫 管弦樂組曲第三號D大調,第二樂章 Bach, Johann Sebastian Overture (Suite) No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 00' 05' 30 ---------------------------------- II. Air 00' 05' 30 Conductor: Seiji Ozawa 指揮: 小澤征爾 Mito Chamber Orchestra 水戶室內管弦樂團

Shirin: Yesterday

Paul McCartney Yesterday piano version performed by SHIRIN Images: Liverpool yesterday

Leif Segerstam - Sinfónica de Galicia: Scheherazade

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) Scheherazade, op. 35 Galicia Symphony Orchestra (2015) Leif Segerstam - Conductor Slava Chestiglazov - Lead violinist Recorded at the Opera House in Coruna (Spain), on 15 May 2015 Sound recording: Pablo Barreiro