Rosewater director Jon Stewart who has just released a movie on the misadventures of Iranwire Editor and former Newsweek Journalist  Maziar Bahari during the Post Election crackdowns of 2009 was interviewed by Canada's Jian Ghomeshi ( who recently has made headlines for a totally different activity BBC Here).


Jon Stewart  didn't Stop mentioning Ebrahim Yazdi at least 3 Times in this Interview  with  Jian Ghomeshi ( clearly equally out of touch with his own country's contemporary history as much as Stewart ... ) and NEVER did he say who Ebrahim Yazdi is nor what he is remembered for. Nor did he mention General Rahimi or any of the victims of this wretched man he considers as "wonderful" ...

Shame on Iranians rushing to applaud this film lauded by CNN's Amanpour but who haven't ONCE demand an explanation from him, or Maziar Bahari for his promiscuity with the man responsible for so many executions ...

Jesus it's barely 35 years since the revolution and they DON'T KNOW who Yazdi is ? What kind of generation are we or are you Guys in the Diaspora LOBOTOMIZED to have No Sense of History or intellectual Accountability ? 

I rest my case !

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