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Bashar Assad hugs Putin as they declare victory in Syria

Putin to speak with Trump after meeting with Syrian President Assad (CNN)



Robert Mugabe clinches mega unclear weapons uranium deals with Iran

Robert Mugabe clinches mega unclear weapons uranium deals with Iran ( Zimbabwe News august 7th 2017)


Elite Hypocrisy Revealed By the Paradise Papers

People who claim to want to eradicate poverty in "helping to perpetuate it" shocker. (VICE)

Charles Aznavour Tehran Concert 1971

Françoise Sagan and Danielle Darrieux

Free Spirited 

Françoise Sagan and Danielle Darrieux




Her Life in Pictures Here

Danielle Darrieux ( 1917-2017) : Persepolis "grandma" dies age 100

French cinema legend Danielle Darrieux dies aged 100 -

Princess Farahnaz 1973, St. Moritz

1973, St. Moritz:
Her Imperial Highness Farahnaz of Iran.
Photo by Rainer Binder.

Shah of Iran @ National Portrait Gallery

Boris Chaliapin (1904-1979).
Gouache, watercolor and graphite pencil.
End of 1940s, early 1950s.
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

Roosary: Hugh Hefner and first wife

Military man: Hefner on furlough with girlfriend (and future wife) Millie in Chicago



Inside the life of a playboy (and his many bunnies): Rare photographs lift the lid on the glory days of Hugh Hefner


Ebrahim Yazdi leading prayers in Texas mosque in 1968

Ebrahim Yazdi lived and studied in Texas. He founded the students Islamic association first in Texas and then in other parts of the USA.


TOP: Yazdi Leading prayers 1968

Bottom: Ebrahim Yazdi and friend Chamran in Texas 1975


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