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Jahanshah Javid

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It is often said that Donald Trump is a confidence artist, a snake-oil salesman, a fraudster. The truth is much more disturbing. The U.S. president is a Ponzi scheme unto himself. He has gotten many hardworking people to invest their hopes and dreams in him.—John Feffer
The druggist, the doctor, the surgeon are all powerless to give health; money, power, security, authority do not give freedom. Education can never provide wisdom, nor churches religion, nor wealth happiness, nor security peace. —Henry Miller
You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.—Pablo Neruda
With the United States walking out of the Paris climate accord, cutting U.N. funding and sowing doubts about NATO and other trade commitments, the Iran agreement isn’t about Iran alone. It’s about upholding confidence in the international order. So, if Trump pursues a meltdown with Iran, he will also trigger a meltdown with Europe. Another one, to be precise.—Carl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden
I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself. —Anaïs Nin
The earth laughs in flowers.—Ralph Waldo Emerson
Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.—Ralph Waldo Emerson
We humans are more concerned with having than with being.—Luc Besson's "Lucy"
Most respectfully, the Giuliani and Mukasey affidavits appear surprisingly disingenuous in failing to mention the central role of Iran in the indictment, and indeed, failing to mention Iran at all in their affidavits.—U.S. District Judge Richard Berman
I am aware of my power, but my power is feminine; it demands a match, not a victory.—Anais Nin