Ahmad & 175 Nobels

175 Nobel Laureates have written to the Ambassador to the Mission of Iran to the United Nations making a plea for the release of Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali, a Disaster and Emergency Medicine physician.  Dr. Djalali is an Iranian living in Sweden with his wife and family and was arrested, charged and sentenced to death accused of “collaborating with a hostile government.”  Dr. Djalali has denied these charges.




Stand still

In the garden.

War and Peace

Don't bother me with your crazy world.

The Beauty of Peace



Let me take a picture first :)

Yes we can!

Peru qualifies for World Cup after 36 years.

Robert Mugabe clinches mega unclear weapons uranium deals with Iran

Robert Mugabe clinches mega unclear weapons uranium deals with Iran ( Zimbabwe News august 7th 2017)



In front of the main cathedral. 

Donate: RI On The Ground In Earthquake-Affected Areas

Relief International teams have begun responding to the devastating earthquake that destroyed homes and lives in Iran and Iraq Sunday night.

From their base in northeastern Iraq, RI Iraq teams immediately headed to several areas of Sulimaneya province, where the earthquake's epicenter was located. In Iran, the Government of Iran and the Iranian Red Crescent Society are responding quickly and forcefully to the emergency. Relief International is an approved partner for emergency response efforts in Iran and stands ready to serve affected communities as the need arises >>> Donate

Dream Weaver

Textile weaver at Monasterio Hotel today.