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MMA Fight: Iranian and Brazilian Hulks

A HUMAN giant dubbed the “Iranian Hulk” could finally make his MMA debut after being challenged by his Brazilian counterpart.

Sajad Gharibi has become a social media sensation due his enormous physique.

Standing 6'2" tall, Gharibi, 27, weighs in at a whopping 28 stone and has amassed 430,000 followers on Instagram.

And the big Iranian has been looking to cash in on his fame and enter the Octagon but has struggled to find an opponent.

But his prayers look to have been answered by none other than Romario dos Santos Alves, - who is known as the “Brazilian Hulk”.

Romario was a scrawny security man until he hit the gym and with the aid of injections is the proud owner of biceps measuring a staggering 25 inches.

The Brazilian Hulk had no intention of getting it on with his Iranian counterpart.

But the South American has now posted a message on social media calling out Gharibi.

He said: “I'm going to go up to 120 kilos and I'm going to give a message to you, the Iranian Hulk, who is challenging me.

“I'm going to go up to 120 kilos and you're going to go down to 120 kilos.

“I'm going to rip off your head."



Khamenei's Communist March

Nutrition for Branko

Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year: 'The Guardians and the War on Truth'

Iranian Newsha Syeh turned away from Louvre for her outfit

An Iranian - Australian Refugee and social media influencer is making headlines after she was reportedly turned away from the Louvre because of her outfit.

Newsha Syeh, a 25-year-old model, is known to her more than 231,000 Instagram followers for sultry photos and edgy sense of style. However, during a recent trip to Paris, the model says was “heartbroken” when she was denied entry to the world famous museum.

Syeh shared a photo of the low-cut dress she was wearing to Instagram with the caption, “Yesterday at the Louvre, I was stopped at the entrance by a guard for my outfit.”


Zahra Sheikholeslam Karinshak - Georgia State Senator

Zahra Karinshak wins Georgia State Senate District 48.

She was born Zahra Sheikholeslam, the daughter of a Persian father and an American mother, and grew up in LaFayette in the wake of the Iranian hostage crisis. Her father, she says, was a curiosity in the small town, where folks would drop in on Saturdays to invite the Sheikholeslams to church. “We didn’t get called names or anything, the way some people did,” she says. “People stood up for us; they protected us. They accepted my dad; and they had intellectual and religious conversations with him that you would never expect in small-town Georgia. That’s the beauty of a small town, which I didn’t always appreciate when I was young. But then I got out and saw what it was like in other places. And I appreciate it now.”