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To help keep customers connected to those affected by the earthquake, AT&T will automatically issue credits and waive charges for calls placed and texts sent by our customers from the U.S. to Iran and Iraq from November 13, 2017 to November 15, 2017. This includes calls and texts from AT&T Postpaid Wireless and AT&T PREPAID customers and calls from AT&T landline customers.—AT&T
Tehran says dissident Ahmad Mowla-Nisi was "eliminated" in Holland where he was setting up an anti-regime satellite TV channel to be beamed to Iran with money from Saudi Arabia.—Amir Taheri
Revolutions are made by fanatical men of action with one-track minds, men who are narrow-minded to the point of genius. They overturn the old order in a few hours or days…but for decades thereafter, for centuries, the spirit of narrowness which led to the upheaval is worshipped as holy—Boris Pasternak in Doctor Zhivago
[Cyrus the Great] exalted by the ancient Greeks, revered in the Old Testament, admired by Thomas Jefferson...and feared by the Iranian regime.—Karim Sadjadpour
Today we enjoy unprecedented dignity. We took US spies at the American embassy as hostages and blindfolded them. Who else has done that?—Ayatollah Janati, head of the Guardian Council
After many years of banning female music videos, on Tuesday, Saudi television broadcasted music video of the legendary Egyptian woman singers, Umm Kolthum.—Alsumaria
I’ve been fighting for half a century. With my people I have been through mass killings, deportations, gassings. I remember times when we thought we were done for, headed for extermination.—Massoud Barzani, the Kurdish president and commander of the Peshmerga
Time & history will also diminish those who stood silent & did nothing when Iranians & Syrians rose up against two brutal regimes.—mark Dubowitz
From the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, from Tehran to Tartus, an Iranian curtain is descending across the Middle East. Iran spreads this curtain of tyranny and terror over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, and it pledges to extinguish the light of Israel. I have a simple message to Ayatollah Khamenei, the dictator of Iran: The light of Israel will never be extinguished. I also have a message today for the people of Iran: You are our friends. (Farsi: Shoma duste ma hesteed.) —Netanyahu's Address to UN General Assembly
Mr. Amano, his agents and no other foreigners have the right to inspect our military sites, because these sites are among off-limit sites for any foreigner and those affiliated with them,—Velayati, Khamenei’s senior foreign affairs adviser