Tehran Times:

“Verdicts have been issued for the people convicted of involvement in the case of the Kahrizak incident, National Prosecutor General Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei announced on Monday.

The Kahrizak detention center came into the spotlight after it was revealed that three inmates detained in connection with the political unrest following the June 2009 presidential election had lost their lives there in July 2009.

A parliamentary report issued on January 10, 2010 found Saeed Mortazavi, who was the Tehran prosecutor general at the time, responsible for sending 147 inmates, charged with involvement in the post-election unrest, to the Kahrizak detention center on July 9, 2009.”

According to the verdict, Mortazavi is to pay 200,000 Iranian tooman plus 5 years of suspension from any government position.

Saeed Mortazavi has been implicated in number of murders, including that of the Iranian-Canadian journalist Ziba Kazemi.  

In another words, just counting the 3 murdered in the notorious Kahrizak rape center, based on today’s exchange rate, the value, in dollar and cents, of each murdered Iranian comes to $19.58 (nineteen dollars and fifty eight cents.)

This injustice shall not stand!

ps. according to their law, women are valued as half of a man, so 19.58/2 = $9.79. 

*picture above, Saeed Mortazavi