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Maryam murdered

Masih Alinejad:

"Her name is Maryam Jafarpour. She was an engineer. She took part in . After being arrested, her parents received a call from the regime forces telling them to come and pick up their daughter's dead body. She is one of the many brave Iranians that this regime killed.

Harvard's Islamist activist

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Shithole countries

Karim Sajadpour:

Immigrants to the US from shithole countries often outperform immigrants from non-shithole countries in terms of income/education levels


Solidarity with Iran

Original work, "Liberty Leading the People" here

Actual Iranian woman here.

Iran protests Infographic

Infographic: How the are spreading across the country



Iranian woman braving assault by the Islamist fascist goons. 

Sheema Kalbasi writes:

There is a group of veteran Iranian politicians with a track record mostly characterized by longevity than accomplishments whose idea of nonviolent activism can be better described as some toothless pacifism! They seem incapable of understanding !

UNICEF photo of the year 2017



Zahra’s face. The face of a five-year-old Syrian girl in a refugee camp in Jordan. In 2015, Zahra’s parents fled the war in Syria with her and seven other children. They have lived in a tent ever since. 

Zahra’s face and her eyes, in particular, were symbolic for the fate of hundreds of thousands of girls and boys: the quiet sadness of the most innocent victims of war, displacement and exile. 

Anti-Semitic Iranian Singer in L.A.

From here:

This week I was heartbroken as Mohsen Yeganeh, a beloved artist in the Iranian community’s song surfaced filled with bigotry, hate, and anti-Semitism. A couple of months ago, when I initially heard he was having a concert in Los Angeles I was so excited and immediately purchased my tickets to his concert, as I was a huge fan of his music.

After I heard the lyrics to his song, Galeye Karkasha, meaning the bevy of vultures I was shocked. Mohsen described the Jews as vultures and depicts Israel as a child-killing nation, flashing misleading graphic images of maimed and dead Syrian children, and burns the flag of Israel in his video.

Lyrics to the song: A flock of vultures arrived (meaning the Jews), looks like they have found new dead bodies. In the name of finding a new home, they suffocated a nation again. Their peace is a symbol, means one million soldiers. Anywhere they see a conflict their zealous weapon is out. They place two triangles on top of one another and they put a new name on the city. They say that they are getting ready for attack near this area, and they moved with happiness. They cut the flowers there with their claws and teeth. People get ready it is too late, the olive garden is dying, pray on Friday afternoon, that your land shall be taken back.

I myself am a Baha’i Iranian who fled Iran shortly after the Iranian Revolution because my family suffered persecution along with other Iranian religious minorities and I am speaking up.

The Persian-American Jewish community is outraged by the anti-Semitic lyrics and propaganda sung by Mohsen Yeganeh.

Murdering an Iranian physician

Ahmadreza Jalali, is a medical doctor & scientist at the Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Medicine (CRIMEDIN) run by the University of Eastern Piedmont in Novara, Italy, and the Free University Brussels (VUB).

Islamist fascists invited him to Iran for a “conference” and then charged him with spying and detained him last year.

His attorney has just announced Doctor Jalali's  “death sentence” has been upheld by the Islamist fascists’ “ُSepreme court”.