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Faranak 1st in Asia

Faranak Partou-Azar, age 29,  is 1st in mountain bike ranking in Asia.



Silver medalists

The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan that was initially denied entry to the United States for an international competition is taking home the silver medal.

Fashion model Manijeh

NY Times:

"Disabled Iranian woman who’s overcome tremendous hardship mocked for aspiring to be a model"

Blog with video in Persian about Manijeh here

Ms. Journalist

Yesterday, Barbara Slavin, a "journalist" specializing on Iran is giving both fingers to Iranian anti-Islamist fascist demonstrators. Blog about this "journalist" here


"Cancer researcher"

Source here:

Cancer Researcher, Mohsen Dehnavi, praised by Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry, in middle of beating students to investigate the causal relation between cancer & violence


 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, China’s most prominent political prisoner, died Thursday at a hospital in the country’s northeast, officials said. He was 61.

U2 & Nazanin

Bono and Richard Ratcliffe, Nazanin’s husband at July 10th U2 concert.

Nazanin is being held as hostage by the Islamist fascists in Iran. 

Final months

Source here.

1978, American school in Tehran, with nearly 2000 American students from kindergarten to grade 12 


81-year old hostage


Secretary-General António Guterres is making a quiet appeal to Iran’s leaders to release an elderly American citizen detained on what the U.S. claims are trumped up charges of espionage, according to several officials.

Guterres, a former Portuguese prime minister and U.N. refugee chief, wrote a highly confidential letter a week ago to the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, to ask for the release on humanitarian grounds of Baquer Namazi, an 81-year-old retired UNICEF official.

If Trump was a refugee

Abdalla Al Omari:

More "refugees" here and here