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Politico: Bijan Kian faces trial in belated test for Mueller team

Reuters: U.S. grants visa to Zarif for U.N. meeting this week

Gulf News: US will sanction Iran’s Khamenei, Zarif - Zarif Don't Like It, Rock the Kasbah!

The Hill: Belgian authorities arrest man suspected of planning attack on US embassy

CNN: Trump abruptly calls off military strikes against Iran after approving them

Kurdistan24: Newest rocket attacks hit Iraqi military base in Mosul, foreign oil firms in Basra

Military Times: Rockets land in Iraq’s Camp Taji, home to US military personnel

Reuters: Iran says it will breach nuclear deal enrichment limit - Just in Time for G-20 Meeting

Japan Times: Abe's skill as Iran-U.S. mediator to be tested during Trump's visit to Japan - Shabu Shabu Diplomacy!

Newsweek: The Shadowy Chinese Weapons Dealer in China-Iran Ballistic Missile Deals