When confronted with his record on Iraq war he had voted for as a U.S. Senator, he infamously said “I was for it, before I was against it.”

He is at it again now, shirking responsibility for his words and deeds, trying to have it both ways again, this time disavowing his responsibility as Secretary of State during the Islamist appeaser-in-chief Obama’s presidency.

About the disastrous Obama decision - which Kerry publicly defended and energetically pursued – to essentially throw all the Syrian children, women and men under the bus just to solidify his chances for striking a faulty legacy nuke deal with the unreformable, warmongering and expansionist Islamist fascists, he now says:

“U.S. paid a price for not enforcing Obama's red line in Syria.”

Mind you, he says nothing about millions upon millions of Syrians who had to flee to Europe and elsewhere before being gassed by murderous Baathists fortified with Iran’s Islamist fascists and later on by Tsar Putin.

He says nothing about the ramped up expansionism and warmongering of Islamist fascists after the faulty nuke deal he truck with them on behalf of the Islamist appeaser-in-chief.

After all, it is John Kerry, the American Foreign Minister of Iran.

History will be very unkind to this irresponsible Kerry, as it sure will be to the Islamist appeaser-in-chief Obama.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.